I like when we have big conversations

in small moments

the ones nestled between the roll of the die

as the trivial pursuit board laughs at

our not-so-youthful faces scrunched up

in competitive storytelling.

I like when beer slides past our tongues

and we loosen up enough

to bob our shoulders playfully to Prince.

I want to bump knees under the table

as the French fries drift past us

our nostrils flaring

like synchronized swimmers.

The waiter whose name

we can’t seem to remember

never forgets a hello,

his smiley face tattoos

charming us every time.

I like trusting you with the car keys

your night vision is better than mine

and I get to keep my eyes on you

instead of the road.

If the night ends with me

in a thrown back belly laugh

and you leaning in to kiss me

then I know

we are doing life right.


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