With Me Now

This poem is for all those who pass through our lives (living on or truly passed away) and leave an impression of love, light, goodness, security. 

Listen here. 


Are you with me now?


I sip my coffee

in the morning light

and wonder why the rays

of the sun are caught

on the branches outside.


Can you see me now?



I tremble in my bathrobe

the nakedness beneath it

quivering with lost


yet arisen hope

and promise

take breath.


I wonder


I wonder

if you hear

the wind at the pane,

the murmur in my kitchen

from tired appliances,

the grumbling digestion

in my belly

and the birds reminding me

that the world is awakened


even if you are not.


Are you with me now?

I ask aloud

as I grip one hand

in the other

with the hope I’ll feel you

there, too.







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