You Deserve to Be Alone

In my not-so-many years on earth, I’ve learned at least one major thing about myself. I know that I need to honor this one thing without fail, otherwise the rest of my life is unbalanced; I will be cranky, irritable, and, ultimately, unproductive.

That lesson is this: To take the time for myself. Yes, for ME. To take the minutes, hours, and days (if I am able to) to dedicate to just me. Clear out my head, turn down the noise of everyday life, and turn up volume on my headphones.

Here are 5 ways you can stop time, like me, and restore your sense of balance in this crazy little world.

  1. Hit up the local coffee shop. Pick up the daily paper, a notebook to scribble in, or just get set to kick back and people watch. Make the point to turn off your phone if you can, grab a cup of joe, and relish in the warmth of the hot drink. Don’t even worry about being social. I find that when I am able to sit alone and ultimately be a “nobody” at the coffee shop, that I am able to focus deeply on any task that needs my attention– or doesn’t.
  2. Yes, of course, go for a run. Or a long, loping walk. Get your body moving and grooving and allow yourself to be completely in tune with everything your body is going through. Think about your breath, going in and out. Hone in on your footfall, the pat, pat, pat against the ground. It’s just you and the ground. Keep moving. Enjoy the sunshine, listen to the birds chirping, enjoy the whirr of cars rushing places that don’t involve you. Let time stop and allow yourself to float through it carelessly.
  3. Go food shopping alone. Yes, I get it, many of you do this already. That’s awesome. Once you go, walk around and ENJOY it. Take a few moments to pick up ripe tomatoes and smell them. Breathe in deeply in the produce aisle. Become one with the cucumbers.
  4. Sit in your car in the parking lot and jam to the end of that song. YEAH, I’m looking at all of you commuters! I no longer have a car (public transportation, hey there!) but when I did have a car this was my go-to. Nothing relieves stress and worries than a jamming session alone in your car. When (hopefully) no one is looking.
  5. Take the extra 10-15 in the shower and turn that shower into a bath. I swear by this move. There are days where I find myself just standing underneath the shower stream and say “F it.” Then I turn the bathwater on and soak away. It’s delightful.

Need to know more reasons why you should take your alone time and read up on other useful tips? Check out Psychology Today’s article here.

Happy Alone TIme, all.

Thanks for the love. Run with your heart, xo Babs


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