Well-being Matters.

Mental. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual.

And yes, Creative, too.

15 Minute Well-being Check-in

30 Min Virtual Coaching Session

What to expect

For the 15 Minute Well-being Check-in, you may choose to do a Calm breathing exercise with coaching guidance, Rejuvenate from a sluggish or negative mentality, or ask for a Resource Request to gain an information reboot.

Well-being is a learned craft.

Each 30 minute Virtual Session is an opportunity for you to cultivate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.

Calm the nervous system through breath work and other somatic experiences; define your well-being goals; customize your path forward; gain ongoing insight and clarity; and claim your well-being mastery!

Who would benefit?

  • Anyone feeling creatively stifled, stuck, or unmotivated
  • Anyone who has trouble focusing
  • Anyone who is searching for a sense of calm
  • Anyone who needs a “pause” or “time out” from the hectic day
  • Anyone interested in strengthening their mindset
  • Anyone hoping to find a sense of purpose
  • Anyone who has a goal they’d like to fine tune
  • Anyone who has a limiting belief getting in their way
  • Anyone who feels small
  • Anyone who feels unheard
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel seen

Barbara Powell, MA, NBC-HWC: A writer, marathon runner and fitness instructor,  middle child of twelve and a National Board Certified Well-being Coach.

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More on that:

Barbara Powell, NBC-HWC is an Integrative Health and Well-being Coach. Her coaching style integrates present-moment awareness with self-compassion and tapping into the hidden potential within each of her clients. Her work leans on the teachings of incredible humans, including but not limited to Barbara Frederickson, Kristin Neff, Brene Brown, Dan Buettner, and Henry Emmons. The magnificent runners of the world are also infused in her style, including Lopez Lomong, Alan Culpepper, Kara Goucher, and Shalane Flanagan.

As the middle child of 12 from a town in rural Western Massachusetts, Barbara grew up with a sincere love of running. (It was, after all, the most cost-effective sport for 12 kids to partake in!) Committed to health and wellbeing, she is an avid fitness enthusiast, completing nine marathons and twice qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Barbara is passionate about intentional movement, present-moment living, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. She also explores these topics through her site, The Day Between Blog. In 2019 she co-founded the site, Not Quite Sunday, which integrates the work of others in her Minneapolis community.

In her early professional life, Barbara was a Nike Brand Marketing rep in New York City and Northeast Sales Manager for Skechers Performance Running Specialty. She has intentionally shifted into Health & Wellness, since serving as a Wellness Director and Functional Medicine Health Coach.

She leads a weekly run club and HIIT class at True Grit Society in Uptown Minneapolis.

Barbara completed her Masters in Integrative Health and Well-being Coaching from the University of Minnesota and has her B.A. in Marketing and English Creative Writing from Bentley University.



Instagram: @barbara_mary_powell

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