I went to take my supplements

this morning for my care

instead I downed the doggy treats

while in my underwear.

I thought, I’ll take a shower,

and turned on the spigot heat

when I stepped inside the tub

I still had slippers on my feet.

My left shoe went on the right one

as I headed out the door;

I pulled into the gas station —

it was instead the grocery store.

My Google search for weather

ended up a garbled text

to my unsuspecting partner

who rightfully was perplexed.

I can’t remember what I told you

last evening or today

I’ll repeat myself again I’m sure,

no matter what I say.

I’ve got a heavy brain you see

from Covid’s funny grip.

I’m hoping all this fuzz and fog

is a momentary blip.

So pardon all my blunders

and excuse each small mistake

I’m trying to do the best I can

even when I’m half awake.


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