Hopped on a pogo stick for hours

Bathing suits in April showers

Ate chestnuts dipped in butter

Found comfort in loud clutter

Set forts with stretched out sheets

Evenings spent there underneath

Played checkers up on dad’s belly

Paper sacks, peanut butter jelly

Barn cats swatted at the swallows

Bedtimes built for tomorrow

Gravel crunch: mom was home

Count on one hand days spent alone

Broccoli chicken pasta repeat

cereal eggs garden kale to eat

Heads up seven up, marco polo

Traded a slinky for a shiny yo-yo

Clanging bell meant time for dinner

Cracked red deck guaranteed a splinter

High waisted grass in the fields

Pulled out ticks to the sound of squeals

Walked to the corner to buy a pop

Rode our bikes, easy free nonstop

Spun round and round to get real dizzy

Uncle Barney sipping whiskey

Pulled out stray weeds on a Saturday

Invited the neighbors over to play —

In ’95 I didn’t once consider:

Nostalgia tastes both sweet and bitter.


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