Settle me deep in the woods

so I might feel the earth breathe.

My slot machine phone

is dismantling me —

I just want to sleep

to set the world at my feet

to exhale all the trends

and simply feel my heart beat.

Let me gaze through the branches

notice slices of sky

that turn brilliant shades

every morning and night.

Let me eat wild berries

purple juice on my lips

as I twirl with arms wide

on the knolls of a cliff.

There is power in silence.

Joy creeps with the worms —

(field mice and beetles and

silver hedgehogs confirm).

Let’s throw our face to the wind

allow the rush of red flush,

settle deep in the woods

as black dirt soothes us.

Let’s stop here to rest

for the rest of our days

and simply go back to

nature’s wild green ways.


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