My potential cried on my bedroom floor, “I don’t want to go out today!”

Her head was tired, her throat was sore, she’d rather simply stay.

I thought that I could leave her there and let my life be lived

but slowly slowly, bit by bit, she had to be revived.

I threw my arms around her and pulled her from the ground

my heart beating loud and wild, sweat dripping down my brow.

“I know you’re scared, I’m scared, too,” I held her by the shoulders,

“But you’re the one who truly knows where I’ll end up when I’m older!”

She looked at me with eager eyes, alit from my energy anew —

she said, “Fuel me up with coffee and speak only of what’s true!”

So, I fed her healthy whole foods and watered her each day;

we exercised, we played, we cried, we began to make our way.

And soon enough she bounded out well ahead of me:

Now I follow my potential toward a life that’s lived fully.


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