I’m sorry I looked the other way

when he ignored you.

The world has taught me wrong:

we are to be seen (so pretty) and not heard (be still),

loving and yet take what love we can get,

giving and not expect to be given to

fulfill desires (strip it down) and neglect our own (behave).

I withheld my fiery eyes from you

I looked the other way

I paid attention to his mouth instead.

It’s a tiresome place, misogyny.

The remnants of it have crawled inside my belly

taken root in my solar plexus.

When I open my mouth to speak

my words are tainted with it’s low hum hiss.

I’m sorry I looked the other way.

How easy it is to do what’s done to you.

And so

I break it down, wrestle it from the inside out,

release it only with the sword of fierce self love – –

let’s do and be better for each other.

I will look at you

notice you

sink into your eyes

allow you to be full,

be wild, be free —

like I must do

for me.


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