Gold and glitter ground

barefoot prints on the sand

the sea rushing forward

to wash them away.

I am here with you:

a shell swept to shore

from the wild ride

of breaking waves

and fury of ocean floor.

Break me open.

Spill the salt water out

whisper magic from your lips

let the words drip —

this shape is no longer me.

Thunderous waves crash

beneath the chariot of Helios

no choice but to allow

wind and saltwater

to whip my ruddy cheeks.

Let me be

amidst the trees —

they want to newly

free me.

Moss and decay

a bed for my aching feet;

balms from your hearth

alchemy for my future.

Unlike the ocean’s roar

the trees around us whisper,


The only thing they ask of me

is my exhale.

You take me to the forest’s edge

as I am shape shifting

and the trees will know

what to do with me.


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