Roll up your sleeves

dip your hands into the earth:

humanity has spilled into the ground,

raising the land in mounds

of the rich, dark dirt of emotions.

Look to the Moon:

she shines full-faced for this work,

her star the loyal companion

who takes her place to warm you.

How can you not adore

this land you walk on,

the trees that call your name

know who you are and

where you’ve come from?

Do you remember

choosing to be here

at this time

in this way?

Your spirited self

your wondrous being —

offered the complexities

the experience of human being

in a time of collapse,

crumble, and then, renewal.

I am sure you are like me;

I am sure we wholeheartedly chose to Be.

Come —

Let’s plunge our hands into the dirt

raise our eyes toward the moon

and adore the planet that we share.

It is but a blink in time, after all.


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