I realized this morning

(quite by accident after my second cup of coffee):

I can make my bed as I please.

It might sound trite but hear me out –

I often turn down the covers and fluff up the extra pillows

to match the image in magazines.

And when I go to sleep each night

I’d rearrange


and set to the side

all the extra throw pillows I never used.

And I mused –

what if I never arranged these pillows

this way


Because when I sleep

I tuck my main pillow beneath my head

I wrap my legs around the one as big as a body

I pull in a third one for hugging

(in case the day’s events call for it).

If I make my bed to match,

my bed wouldn’t look like a hotel’s – instead,

it would look the way it does at midnight:

organized chaos, they’d say.

And so

if I make my bed with the pillows where I need them

who’s to say it’s the wrong way?

My sleep is my own

and as an adult who’s grown

I get to set it up

for eight plus hours of slumbering — my way.

All this to say:

Look around at the beds in your life –

the way you dress or speak

who you see and what you eat

how you love and what you choose to believe…

remake your beds the way that you please

so that life can be yours

and your life can be free.


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