I’m the zest of the sunrise

wind rustling leaves

the patter of feet

down the stairs Christmas Eve.

I’m the ocean’s first wave

waking up to a new day

the trust of a head

nodding to pray.

Birds united in song as

worms surge in the ground,

I am the whisper of love

a bride’s wedding gown.

I am the tickle of whiskers

the pink pad of a paw

the lift of the Sun

from darkness to dawn.

Grass stains on small shorts

Summer’s last lemonade

the clink and the clack

of dice in a game.

Squeezed juice from fruit

ivy growing in strands

soft belly breathing

the holding of hands.

The scrawl of a love note

Winter’s comforting stew

the upturn of green

under Spring’s shiny dew.

I am here and I’m there

and if you pay close attention

you’ll see that I’m in

more places than mentioned.

I’m a sound, I’m a feeling,

a taste and touch:

I am life at our fingertips

just waiting for us.

Linger, just linger

and see for yourself

what life has to offer when

we look outside of ourselves.


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