The turn of the world forces me into action

when all I need is a gentle nudge in direction –

Go this way, do that, be like this human here,

eat this, don’t eat that, be brave, don’t show fear;

be pretty, stand tall, don’t slouch like a fool,

make money, save time, show you care and be cool.

Like Alice I’m falling in a crazed Wonder Land

where up is now down, where sit is now stand;

where rest is extinct and the beds aren’t for sleeping,

the grieved and the sorrowed hold back their weeping.

The Tin Man marches by in mascot attire

The Cowardly Lion’s heart is under fire.

They say: Be stiff, be stern, be iron clad,

its the way of the world if you want it that bad.

So I revolt in the swirling of pushing me so

I go out without makeup, I like saying “No.”

I curl up to sleep as an act of rebellion

turn off my phone, choose to just stay in.

I check out when I can by visiting the trees

they’ve been here all along, no demands for me.

And I notice the craze of the world swirling by:

I give myself permission to tune out – Good bye.


One response to “Rest is an Act of Rebellion”

  1. arbind kumar Avatar

    Your poetry is an excellent piece of good ideas . But the title of your poetry ‘ Rest is an Act of Rebellion ‘ is more than that . Thanks !


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