A cantankerous rhinoceros

and a frivolous rabbit

run through my head

like a bad habit.

I’m twisted and turned out,

my head’s upside down

as I wander the streets of

Imagination Town.

A resourceful tigress

and a belligerent toad

make a u-ie as they screech

down the dim lit Main Road.

I sit on the sidelines

and watch with glee

as every wild character

emerges from me:

A lip-synching badger

the King Prairie Dog

a poodle skateboarding

lipstick on a hog.

Squirrels stop to fist bump

mid-swing in the trees

the praying mantis ignores

the world from it’s knees.

There’s a bunny at sunrise

licking cake batter

a snake in dark robes

hissing, “it doesn’t matter.”

I survey the town

from the seat in my mind

and can’t help but write

a silly poem for it’s kind.


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