I woke up in my head and out of my body

the churn of the day already inside me.

Before my nervous system knew to react

my mind began rifling through story and fact:


The kitchen’s a mess and the system’s no better,

blisters and taxes both make me bitter.

My car needs a tire and mortgage is due

blister aforementioned means time for new shoes.

There are people I know losing their freakin’ minds

neighbors and politicians alike refuse to be kind.

The heat has gone up, the cold fronts gone out

forest fires burn in California drought.


The sheets twist up around me, I’m in a cold sweat

I’m tossing and turning to forget what is left.


All I did today was wake up in my head

so I’m trying to get back to my body instead.

I stretch and I yawn and I have a good cry

to soothe all the stress that I’m feeling inside.

‘Cause the world is my oyster, reflecting my thoughts

the strained nerves in my body sense what is off.


I get up out of bed and seek my lover’s arms

to help me shut off my brain’s fire alarms.

I turn on playful music, dance with cup-o’-joe

to take on this day with intentional flow.

I quiet my head and I settle to breathe

to welcome the day with hope inside me.


We don’t have to choose to follow our thoughts

we can purposefully – instead – call our own shots.

I wake up aware to the space ‘tween my ears

And I work with my body to settle my fears.


Be mindful and open to the wisdom in you

that guides you toward what’s peaceful and true.


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