I sought a reiki healer

who proclaimed to wisely see

that my spiritual awakening

was all too near to me.

I met a friend for dinner who

never once asked for my thoughts

as she swore to read my energy

defining how I came across.

In ashtanga class I sank into

a deepened yogi squat

and my instructor quoted Rumi,

“you are the ocean in a drop.”

I have books from Glennon, Gilbert,

Holistic Psychologist and Brene,

who tell me how I am special

in my own peculiar, wild way.

The Calm app on my phone

inspirational videos at the gym

all give me scripted guidelines how

to keep my light from going dim.

The local radio broadcast

the gas station pump across the road

tell me how to live my best life

and create a healthy glow.

So many outside sources

are so sure they know the needs

of the spirit in my belly —

I’m the one with the expertise.

It’s only when I’m soft and still

my face turned up toward the sun

that I can hear the most important voice

who is rivaled by no one.

My Highest Self will softy whisper,

You are so loved, you are so seen,

You are the wisdom that you seek,

you have everything you need.

And so I thank my reiki healer

my friend and beloved authors, too

the yoga class and outside world

for sharing a rainbow of their truths.

2 responses to “Voice(s)”

  1. arbind kumar Avatar

    Nice photography .

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  2. arbind kumar Avatar

    With nice poetry .

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