Today I’m loving up on one of the most precious relationships we ALL have — with Mother Earth ♥️

Today I remembered that coral
was a living wild thing
But when I went to explore it
I saw that it’s dying, drying
bleaching out there in the sea.

Then I remembered, ah too
the mighty world
of mushrooms
But when I went to reach down
to search around
I saw they were more scarce
this particular afternoon.

I dipped my hand in oceans edge —
my favorite place to be —
and it was warmer now
than when I met her
at the young age of 2 or 3.

I pulled my hand out
looked to the ashy sky
But I saw the birds
weren’t flying
North and South on time.

My friends down in Texas
don’t have parkas
for the wintry dump
of surprise snow.
Which isn’t as alarming
as our friends’ homes
surged by hurricane winds
and weather weary
in the exposed Philippines.

So when I heard the creak
of glaciers move
I gasped
from the helplessness —
I knew.

I saw firsthand:

There’s more C02
on Earth
from our material demands.
So she’s doing what she can
to respond to
these industrial ways of man.

And if we let ourselves notice
Her response today
Maybe we’ll help her
Maybe we’ll love her
Maybe all is not lost
to a hopeful
or a someone else’s

So plant those wild flowers
consume less plastic single use
leave only but your footprints
with each trail and path you cruise.

Get to know her wonders
And eat more healthy plants
Be mindful of your impact here—
And let’s give our Earth a chance.

💙 🌎


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