If I rearrange my office

spread everything on the floor

will I be much more productive —

will I feel like working more?

If I go through my old phonebook

to delete contacts I don’t see

will I be left with any friends

to call up randomly?

If I color code my bookshelf

then again, alphabetically

will I have the time to read them all

you know, hypothetically?

If I take out all my clothing

to let my closets breathe

will it matter since on Zoom you see

just the shouldered top of me?

If I put my pen to paper and

if I don’t procrastinate

will my words come out as thoughtful–

or are they best to percolate?

Well I think I’ll clean my closet

and scatter books along the floor

I’ll crank up some good music

and procrastinate some more.


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