If this is how the world goes round

I want to see the engine

And make some sense of up and down

the looseness and the tension.

I want to see the oiled parts

(and who’s in charge of oiling)

The energy called to make it start

And just how it keeps on going.

If this is how the world goes round

the majesty is endless

Yet, painfulness can be found

And is enough to leave me breathless.

I don’t know much about cars and such

With their motors run by men

But I do know when I am in touch

With the motors found within.

So perhaps I can see and study

The engine of this place

By looking deep inside of me

At the conundrum of this space.

Looseness and tension live here

Beliefs oil well my parts

Joy and pain with awe and fear

Keep the beating in our hearts.

So instead of claiming disbelief

At what makes this world go round

I can look inside my love and grief

For the honest answers to be found.


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