There’s a familiar pulse

(as I point to my chest)

and it thumps with a fury

when the sleepy warmth

of comfortable success

begins to unfurl its glory.

“That’s not for you,”

says the chest,

my arms quickly folding

success vanishes like a ghost.

And somehow I can’t help

to believe the scolding

when my hands get too close

to hot crackle of possibility.

But I pause

rearranging deftly

the doubts and the nos and the won’ts.

I think, why not me?

You see

there’s a rewiring

I’m solely responsible for:

circuitry charged

new electricity

coded to respond,

“I deserve this, too.”

Are you like me?

Are you rewiring anew?

Let’s press our wanting hands

out from our deep drum chests.

Welcoming the golden world

to each cupped palm.

Be assured:


You deserve this, too–

the success, the joy, the calm.


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