I wonder where I’m going

I wonder where I’ll get to

I wonder what my stone might say

in the graveyard when it’s all through.

I’m frightened of aloneness

I’m frightened of mediocrity

I’m frightened my true essence

will stay locked up tight in me.

I want to be expansive

I want to glimmer with bright light

I want to shed the bullshit and

stop worrying if it’s right.

And so I take each moment

that’s here in front of me

I close my eyes, I lean close in

and choose how I want to be.

My breath can slow and settle

My eyes then can widen bright

My wonder worry wanting

are all fleeting, like my fright.

Because I am already here

Exactly where I need to be

I am indeed extraodinary

By simply being — and being me.


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