This feels like an act of rebellion

We wont be ashamed of our breasts

for giving milk or flying freely.

My bare stomach triggers you

and quite frankly,

it’s not my problem, it’s yours.

I am a woman and

I can enjoy sex

for the pleasure of sex.

We can enjoy our bodies,

sliding our hands down

and up again,

even if it intimidates you.

We can say no and know

when we want to say yes.

And just because I am a woman

doesn’t make me

your mother

potential lover

or a play thing.

The modern day way

to be a woman is to

ignore what they say

is “lady-like”

and do it anyway.

Burp and shout and

state your mind.

Sit as you please

and touch yourself for pleasure.

Curse openly

hold your ground

and say when behavior is not okay.

Insert your thoughts

and know it is not your job

to nurture everyone at work.

Be bold and be strong.

Be soft and break down.

Your experience is your own

and doesn’t make you any less than.

Let’s snip the puppet strings

that guide us into becoming

pretty little play things

instead of people

and put the responsibility

on men to be better

and each other to uplift

and empower.


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