In a Past Life

I’m sure I was a bird

in my once-lived life before

since the proof is all around me

and I’m starting to keep score:

I love the tips of tree tops

and loathe the basement stair.

I often dream of flying high

and I never seem to care

about the heights or looking out

from the tallest mountaintop.

They say vata is my dosha

and I often go nonstop.

I appreciate the drifters,

the floaters and the free

those who see the world as small,

with adventures yet to see.

When I close my eyes, my vision

tends to swirl and shift and fly.

Somehow I didn’t know it was

the bird in me — that’s why!

The trees all seem to know me

as does the early morning sun.

My powers — once in my wings–

are now in my legs to run.

I’m gifted with this body

I’ve taken human form

the bird in me sings naturally–

and I’ve lost my taste for worms.

So close your eyes and wonder:

what animal would you be

if you took the time to notice

your quirks and tendencies?

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