My cat’s tail caught on fire and my dog he ran away.

My boyfriend lost his job and the bills must still be paid.

I want a lobster on my table but I’ll do with bread instead.

I have a migraine from a surgery and a carnival in my head.

The police are out there marching but not for what you think.

Our afternoon activities are the dishes in the sink.

It’s been winter for a lifetime but it’s just another month.

I forget what parties felt like, but don’t miss a stranger’s touch.

I want to write a novel and I want to change the world,

but my brain is on vacation and my pencils are too dulled.

I repainted an old closet to transform it into a safe haven

but I’m spending all my time in the kitchen eating bacon.

I have herbal teas in piles and epsom salts to soak in,

I’m Netflix’n on the couch and every day I’m scrolling.

There’s so much to care about and I’m doing my damn best;

but every time an alarm goes off, I want just five more minutes rest.


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