There is little more as lovely as this purring lump of fur.

Well, perhaps a pen fresh with ink or when Saturday’s a blur.

Perhaps the first step into the clean new foot of snow

or finally arriving to the place you set to go.

I think of all the first sips and all the first bites, too

the smells of a roadside diner, confections and hot brew.

Rolling down the window driving past the oceanside

that single millisecond atop a rollercoaster ride.

Nose delights on a hike: Spring rain turning dirt to mud

and finally releasing a heavy armload with a thud.

Little nooks and hideaways nestled out of sight

the very first “I’m sorry” whispered after fight.

Music on the radio and sunshine in my hair

thunderstorms and candles lit, the need to go nowhere.

I’m sitting quite content with this purring ball of fur

remembering all the little things that make life a little more.


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