When you have so little patience

the whole world takes too long:

the coffee pot brewing in the morning

dinner at the end of day

and standing in line for either of those

waiting for a phone call, email or a text

interview callbacks

a plank

winter in Minnesota

february in Minnesota

licking through a candy pop

the tea kettle

waiting for that tea to cool

hulu comercial breaks

and every ad on youtube

inauguration day after election day

dismantling systemic racism and sexism

and all the isms on this planet

college lectures

standardized tests

poetry readings that aren’t my own

little kid recitals

growing up

remembering to slow down

spreadsheets of any kind

waiting for adoption day

creating indestructible self-love

making new and lasting friendships

cookies to cool

birthdays to come

books to complete

beds to make.

Are these things in life too long

because life itself is too short?


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