My eyes are red and puffy, shoulders tensed up to my ears

my stomach’s got gymnastics moves, I’m sweating sitting here.

My neurons won’t turn on bright the fog lights that they need

my heart flips and flops at every sound, eyes doubting what I read.

I choose to ignore your Zoom call and I won’t turn on my mic

Handshakes are forbidden here, as are hugs and all the like.

I can’t go out to dinner and I have mostly stayed indoors

I’ve downloaded another app and I’ve scrolled a little more.

If I stare at screens much longer, I’m afraid I’ll never move

Yet there’s no one to get moving with — a modern Catch-22?

This pandemic’s got me sitting and waiting for what’s next

as I inhale and I exhale to alleviate the stress.

Our bodies all feel something and it’s adding up you see

So maybe we can play outside — and leave out technology?

I think my body’s asking me the loudest that she can

to take some better care of her, just like she were a friend.

So I’m going to make a point to draw up a bath tonight

and let my body and my mind have a much deserved respite.


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