New Year Lesson

I’m relearning all the lessons

remembering what I forgot,

this year has been quite a pill

swallowed and then caught

in my throat where chakra’s blue

was supposed to grunt and groan

but what I got were lessons learned

from months and months ago.

I’ve learned (again) it’s best to be

myself in rooms of copies.

I’ve learned– again!– turn off my phone

and breathe life into hobbies.

I remembered what a book felt like

slipping fingers past the pages

I read — again! — of living free

of breaking self-made cages.

I remembered how to hold my chin

up high to raise my spirits;

I learned — again! — just what to say

to anyone who fears it.

And by “it” I mean the power of

my body and my mind–

I’ve learned again — remembered well:

what seems lost I still can find.

SO here’s to all the lessons

you’ve been reacquainted to

for life loves to remind us:

we seek what we already knew.

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