Our last phone call and I didn’t say I love you.


Yes, it’s me. I’m here.

What did you say?

It sounds like you’re miles away.

Yes, I know.

It’s like that here, too.

Oh that? That’s just my dog Blue.

No, I don’t know. It seems all the same.

Do you think….

Oh, of course, I’d forgotten their name.

When will it be?

Ah, okay. We’ll just have to see.

I don’t really know–

No, it’s not up to me.


Yeah, okay.

Yes. Well, no, not really.

If that’s what’s expected…

Yep, then we’ll see.


Ok, I gotta go.

We should talk again soon.


Yep, okay.

Yeah, yeah you too.

See you then.

Yep, goodbye.


(Now, when I dial

and the voicemail

picks up–

I think of our call

and I wish

that I’d said

more than

really nothing

at all.)


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