World Kindness Day

Not that we only have one day to be kind, loving, and attentive (we might want to infuse that into our lifestyle!) It is a great reminder to flex our kindness muscle.

In a world of self-loathing, can you love on yourself today?

In a world of cancel-culture, can you lean in to hear the full story before assuming?

In a world of 2D zoom calls and meetings and online dating and screen-time connection, can you remember to notice your breath and your body, place your hand on your heart?

In a world of split beliefs and politics, can you show respect — the most basic function of love?

In a world of inequalities and horrible injustices, can you elevate someone just-because, without any reason other than they are human, too?

In a world of constant movement and stress, can you find stillness in your heart — can you meditate, breathe, or eat a little more slowly?

In a world of anger and finger pointing, can you open yourself for a hug — or, at least, extend the energetic feeling of one? In a text, on the phone, in-person at the grocery store as you wait 6 feet behind that lovely person and smile with your eyes instead?

Be kind. Send a text to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, just to say you’re thinking of them. Don’t just hold the door open for someone — open the door for someone into an opportunity they might never have access to. Take time to love on yourself, so you can fill your cup up and spill that love outward to others in your life.

Just be effing kind today.

And again tomorrow.

And the day after that.

A joyful World Kindness Day to you and yours and those you may not call yours — we all belong.


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