A mental loop:

Something’s broken

Not whole

Not enough—

And yet Too much.

Too much—

And yet not enough.

This is what it’s like

Living inside

the bullshit of

a Patriarchal mind.

Break free

Break down

Get out—

Get in



Bend. Break.


Like wood,

Necessary kindling.

Ease into fire:

It burns


breathes new life.

The newness of Me


Carried by

Gentle air

Flying over

Ashes of past—

Wind sweeps ashy hearth


And away—

As I fly,

I play.

I dip down to dig

my toes into sand:

Spreading dirt where I please


my fingernails.

See life’s abundance?

It comes in waves:

Sometimes ebbing enough.

Sometimes flowing too much.

Just like me.

The ache to be

A seagull

To screech away

Is an old ache

Deep in my shoulders

Willing the wings

That are there

To grow.

Free Womxn


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