The 7 Chakras: A Poem

Each chakra has an associated color, element, and purpose for energy flow which is referenced throughout the poem. 

ROOT CHAKRA: Earthworms plump with red crawl in the cool, vibrating earth, the taste of dirt their savior. My spine, yet young, a strawberry vine creates haven for sweet regrowth.

SACRAL CHAKRA: I imagine the creatures deep in the sea, their tentacles and strangeness flowering and furling. Every moon, my  saffron  womb practices this graceful dance, welcoming and letting go, a seaside ebb and flow.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: The crackle of heat from the solar sky envelops the land it touches; the trees offer shade when the world’s ablaze.  A lemon twist, a star born fist unclenches in my gut.

HEART CHAKRA: The birds are out there, beyond the window pane, singing as they splash in the sun’s rays. The emerald birds are in here, deep within my chest, wings stretched with everywhere to go.

THROAT CHAKRA: The sky blanketed blue protects music underneath: the singing, buzzing, shrill and soft, growls and howls, whispers and shouts. The skin ’round my neck harbors all that I say, safely stowing all weather that arises.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: It’s no wonder the brightest light is blinding to the cameras of our eyes, crafting majestic purple splotches in it’s place. I can only crinkle my brow, crafting waves in the place I can not yet see.

CROWN CHAKRA: Atop every mountain there lies a swirling snow, that most won’t see and many cannot go. I’ve shaved my head, I’ve climbed so far, I seek the quartz of a million stars.

For your reference: 7 Chakras for Beginners



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