I like a few things

I like knowing

there are little old ladies

who stay up

past ten.


I like walking

though day-lit cemeteries

as the people nap

in earth’s womb.


I like thinking

everyone is brave

and everyone

includes me.


I like imagining

I am the only one on earth

in the middle

of the night.


I like watching

the neighborhood squirrel

eat a slice of pizza

from the trash.


I like touching

clothing waiting on the hanger

before a shopper

tries it on.


I like finding

a perfect chewing stick

for my dog Blue

as we walk.


I like writing

scurried notes in my phone

that don’t add up

the next day.


I like listening

to stories told by strangers

as I sit and sip

red wine.


I like seeing

houses eaten up by vines

as I search for

their mailboxes.


I like opening

an empty notebook

to ink a page

for the first time.


I like watching

hands grip a microphone for

a song I don’t know

in a bar.


I like writing

what could have been lost

in a moment

gifted to me.









2 responses to “I like a few things”

  1. Josh Cramer Avatar

    I like this poem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Barbara Powell, Poet Avatar

      Thank you! It was fun to write, as it was bopping around in my head for a week as I collected things I like 🙂


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