How to Heal

“Distance helps,”

That’s what they say

when you are struggling

your way

through another

displaced and

lonely day.


“Time heals,”

they quip, too

not knowing for certain

what he did to you

yet you hold tight

to these words,

fierce though few.


“Chin up,”

is the battle cry

from a world that

pains, just like I

am; looking down seems

safer for

unsteady eye.


“Keep going,”

on and on it goes

a carousel of words

that nobody knows

just how to




for a moment:

feel those woes.


The body rests

through tears and

allows for grief

so that one day


move through the pain

‘stead of pushing

it down and away.


And in those moments


your tears, the hurt

is the key

to growing into


you’re supposed to be

So cry.


along with me.






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