Autumn Run

This Autumn run. 

Wet leaves on pavement

shuffling remainder on branches 

people slipping by 

a moment in view

their footprints as important

as mine 


I found myself asking

my cleverly perceptive

but not-always-sensible


Am I relaxed?

Am I home

(in this body)?

I notice my shoulders drop

and my fists lose grip

the breath slows


my pace quickens: 

Charge and charge

Up the hill 


what’s brought me



what lifts me


If you are like me

perhaps you too

lost touch

with the first

and only

home you had. 


There it is

all along:

the body carries you

right through 

to the end. 

Gasping breath

and lengthened stride

this Autumn run

reminds me:

I am relaxed. 

My body,

is my home. 

I can charge up

and easily


glide down

to the end. 

All the while


the lives 

of others 

passing by. 

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