My Body

Thick thighs, brown eyes rough feet from years of running.  Plump lips, square hips and a freckle on my nose: it’s center stage but only if you come *this* close. …

Autumn Run

This Autumn run.  Wet leaves on pavement shuffling remainder on branches  people slipping by  a moment in view their footprints as important as mine  and  I found myself asking my…

Soft Rebellion

These boxed up, pinned down, not-so-much collector’s items accrue in my chest and I’ve already looked through them. My fingers have thumbed pages of words, once important for the relevance, now essential for the perspective. You can’t read along with me, but you can see the shuffle of sheets filled with smudged meaning.

I knew.

The sheets in my bed twisted in the company of you and I knew that I had never been kissed like that before. My back arched, toes curled, legs wrapped around you, not getting close enough but pressing as hard as I possibly could into your skin. Your breath matched mine in the panted heat of locked lips.