A shake and a stir

there is no one like you

as we sit

mixed and matched

at the bar:

“are we a likely or unlikely pair?”

I asked

and your smile answered

without even going there.

Sip the wine, pour the whiskey

Drop an egg white in

Light the candle, please

my heart is skipping

with the funk on track

and I’m not sure how

you knew

I had gone missing.

“I voted,” the sticker said

in a print of black and white.

The pages in front of you

sat open, blank

asking for you to write.

All the world’s in view

and yet everything is hidden.

I have this mess

spilled out inside me

the residue

you’ve been cleaning.

Downtown shone

from a bridge down the road:

“I love this skyline view,”

you followed my eyes

to the horizon

and I agreed with you.

Pour the shot, taste the thrill

of lips

on glossy glass rims.

A striped sweater

cold weather:

my eyes aren’t good

in the night

but you drove us


through this city


everything will be



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