I sit

in the corner booth

my eyes wandering

the room

trying to find


somehow like me, too.


The beer in my glass

bubbles over aglint

with the subtle


of the cities I spent

my life in:

New York




a frothy reminder,

time sipped away,

from one barstool

to the next

and the next day,

hungover and hungry


I’m not okay,”


Wetted throat

liquored candy

Neon signs blinking

It was a haphazard world

and I couldn’t do much

from shrinking

to the small version of me

in an upside down place,

New York





And now

I sit

in this corner booth

my eyes–

brown and wide–


the room,

not knowing for sure

about ‘someone like me,’

but knowing

quite well:

I’m all the someone

I need.




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