Take a Deep Breath

The world won’t

come to a stop

simply because

I am enjoying

the warm rain.

Loneliness will

still cry

Mothers will

still worry.

But the rain

will fall to

pause my life

for a bit.

  • Summer Shower


Sitting cross-legged

on the ground

is not the only way

to reach the still

of your mind.

The trees have a way

of speaking to me

with a whisper

that opens my heart

to the song

I did not know

was written there.

  • Nature Heals


The color green

reminds me

that the brown

of decay

goes to

good use.

  • Rebirth



One response to “Take a Deep Breath”

  1. Barbara Powell, Poet Avatar

    Thank you so much! It’s a way I get to heal and grow, all at the same time. ❤ More to come!


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