Love Poems

My parents taught me

that a love

is a union of two:

it happens fast

and yet lasts


The love I know

happens fast

and yet it lasts

but only a moment


– Fools Rush In

His eyes look into my own

as though trying

to read

the poetry written

on my heart.

– Read Me Like a Book of Poetry

You pressed your body against the heat of my own and without knowing how I became lost in your arms. Where was the way out? It no longer mattered. My legs were your legs and my soul was your soul. My roundness in your hands as you cupped then gripped me. Pressed so hard into the skin that you left your marks behind. Steamed breath collided mid-air and my eager lips fought their way to yours. Hands rushed their way to your hair, fingers crowning you with my ecstasy. I can’t get enough of you, you said as I gave in to your arms.

– When We’re Together

I was raised to believe

that relationships

were clean-cut:

you meet

you date

you wed

you birth

you love

you love

you love.

So when I met you

and felt love

I was scared

of the steps

I thought

I needed

to take.

– Relationship Rewiring

Yes I love you but I love me, too

At least

I am learning how

to love myself

and you:

that I can have


that I don’t


to choose.

– Balance

(Photo by one of my heroes Rupi Kaur )


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