Reclaim Me


Take a picture.

Notice what

you see

of me.


When I say I need

to reclaim


to find myself

again —

I promise

it is not a threat.



To reclaim me

is to sync back up

with the core

that is within


that you

love to see.

That I need to be:



I reclaim me

by savoring

the morning  light,

the crumple of bed sheets

wrapped around my

greedy body,

the birds’ song

easing the sun up

from the horizon.


I reclaim me

wth the sweet satisfaction

of unplanned


the thrill

of new photographs

from places

I have never been



I reclaim me

by my heavy breathing

in the chalk-dusted gym,

the drop of weights

and shuffle of running:




to my body.


I reclaim me

with the gentle songs

of morning meditation:

my forgotten mat

whispering thankfulness

for my ‘comfortable

upright position,’

as I notice my breath,

and the silence

within my soul.


I reclaim me

with the tapping

of this keyboard,

never knowing what words

may spill out,

what I may share

with the small world

that I have.


This accompanied by

the gentle rub

from my cat

against my leg:

the one

who rescued me

back in Amherst,

and again in New York City

and again here

in Minneapolis.





These small

but mighty things

build a fire

in my belly

and roots beneath me

to be a passion

and a force

in this world.

I cannot

set them aside

and say,

see you later

or even tomorrow.

I always need them



I reclaim me:







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