Guest Post: Quandaries

Written by: Joe Powell
Joe is Babs’ Irish Twin. He is exceptionally creative, captivating, humorous, and indeed eclectic. You will see more from him, here. Enjoy his latest poem:
Our famous men and women
Make decisions every day.
Jane Goodall chose to leave her home
And Ghandi chose to stay.
She gave her life for science, while
He fought for India’s pride.
But I’m stuck at McDonald’s Menu
And how the heck will I decide?
King Arthur wondered how to get
Some knights around his table
And Vivien Leigh was heard to say
She wondered at Clark Gable
And Able Lincoln wondered what to do
With that rebellious South
And I have to wonder which Ten Sides
I can get inside my mouth.
Joan of Arc led five thousand French
Against ten thousand British spears
And George Washington stood by his men
Even in the Vale of Tears
And Crazy Horse rode with his braves
Against Custer’s Cavalry charge
And should I get the SuperSized
Or settle for the Large?

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