It’s all around me now.


The tick tick ticking of the clock

and the chatter

in the hallway

of neighbors

I never quite see.


It’s within me now.


The surge of uncertainty

and the grasping

at what may be.


Some days I set myself apart

from the rest of me.


Some days I set myself apart

from the rest of you.


The laughter in my eyes

and the lift of my cheeks

may find solitude–

a game

of hide-and-seek.


Theses days

the treadmill is my refuge

and the cat is

my champion

and my dreaming eyes

are transfixed

on documentaries

and books

and my own wandering words.


There is a power

to a clean sweat.


There is a celebration

to be sung

when the final bar

is dropped

and the last mile

is run

and the finishline


the gun-fired start

for a moment.


I’ve drank alone

and I’ve run alone.

I write alone

and I sing alone

in the shower

or over the bubbling


on the stove.




I flourish

in the crowd,

amongst the dropped weights

and crowded roads

with laced up Nikes

pushing pace.


I grow slowly in the morning light

as I tap my keyboard

so that I may


my bursting heart.


I grow rapidly in the gym

or the studio

or front and center

of the graduate class

where I cannot help

but accept the challenge.



I may still write alone

and sing alone


But only when I choose to.


Because all that’s meant to be

is right here



in front of me

and within me.


Its all around me now.


And I intend

to grasp it

to my bursting heart.







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