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The morning light is soothing, is it not?


When I awaken from my dreams

the bedding around me

is rumpled and warm.

I stretch, my back cracking

as I arch it, mouth agape in a yawn.


I walk out into my living room

looking for her.


No, the sun has not yet joined the day.


The morning light will come

as long as I keep my eyes open to see;

as long as I welcome her;

as long as I remember she is there

not only for me

but for the sake of the world.



I fix a cup of coffee

watching the steam lovingly

as it slow dances from the grounds.

I pour my greens into a bowl

the way others pour their cereal;

A drizzle of oil and sea salt

for me.


The writing desk on the east side

of my apartment

looks out at the neighbors,

a pink glow in their window.


My cat, limbs long and sleepy,

splays out on his perch

watching the dark slowly lift,

washing his face as is routine.


My lips turn upward in that smile.


If you know me, then you know the one:

that glittered eye, playful lip, the lifted cheeks.


Yeah, that smile.


The sun belongs to the world

but my morning

my morning belongs

to me.







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