Exit Interview 12.13.16

My first semester is over. Wow. I just returned from my exit interview with my professors and program director. And I am overwhelmed with caring energy. Here’s a snippet of how it went:

Exit Interview: They told me it was okay to cry. That I had their permission, that it would only serve to move the energy through me.

“It is your soul, speaking.”

That’s beautiful, I thought.

“You have so much depth to share and to give.”

I wish you could tell me that every day that I awoke.

“You possess great creativity and passion.”

I want to own that belief, I really do.

I held my tears back, listening to their words, their expression of my strengths and the understanding of my growth edges.

“We are speaking to you without judgment.”

I always feel judged, though.

“You’ve moved others to think deeper.”

How can I do that, I am just me.

The wind whispered outside the window and the snow swirled in a silent dance. My soul flicked within me, pushing up against the bones of my chest, banging and begging to be released. I shushed her and gently pushed her back down into my belly.

“You may need to move, to experience your energy through movement and the chakras.”

Ah, there is an idea.

“Did you learn not to share your emotions?”

That deserves a resounding yes, but audibly I provide ‘probably.’

“This book changed my own perspective. I think it will help you.”

A surge within me.I connect. And agree.

“I think we need to end with a hug.”


“We are always an email away.”

Another [internal] hug.

Hugs and love to all ❤



One response to “Exit Interview 12.13.16”

  1. transcribingmemory Avatar

    I don’t quite know everything this post was about but I love your style of writing. I also love the kind and powerful energy this exudes! Own that. 🙂 Thank you for your interest in my blog. I’m glad it brought me here and I look forward to following yours.


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