Summer Smiles: August, I Love You

Where has the summer slipped away to?

I have looked for her on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul, through the windows of the bumping bus I take each morning to work in Bloomington, beyond the airports and adventures taken in California, over the looping miles of pavement and trails my feet slapped up against, and my bike wheels slipped over, through the trees into the setting sun as it slips behind the comfort of the cathedrals cradling the park outside my window and under the tables of the coffee shops where I dutifully completed my homework and papers.

Summer is slowly closing out. And the Fall is creeping up.

That’s why August is a fabulous month. Everyone knows it is the end of a string of warm months (especially here in Minnesota) and the beginning of the GORGEOUS fall season. Which, I must say, is my personal favorite. The weather, the clothes that go with it (light scarves and cute knee-high boots? yes please!) But the month of August reminds us to take charge, get a little dirty, make some last minute plans, head out to the water, grab those beers with friends, laugh your guts out with your family, snuggle a little closer to your guy or girl.

Don’t get me wrong, August has the potential to be a frustrating and stressful month. Trying to fit everything in as the preparation for the Fall begins. I don’t have kids (and most likely never will, to be honest), but I can only imagine the struggle of getting the kiddos ready for the schoolyear, while at the same time making sure their summer is full and enriched. KUDOS PARENTS.

But August also has the potential to be freaking great. Here in Minneosta, the state fair is the final week of August leading up to Labor Day. That means an excuse to walk around all day and enjoy animals, the genius of people’s crafts and creations, fried food (I dare you to try steering clear of the mini donuts! I try and occasionally, I fail haha) There are brilliant evening and overnight thunderstorms that crackle and rattle your home, making you feel warm and safe and secure against your loved one, your pets, your people. There are still Summer Fridays and live music in the parks and music flitting throughout the buildings and rooftops to enjoy and cold beers to sip and gut-popping laughter to have.

So, I intend on exploring and enjoying the rest of this Month. I start my Master’s program on 9/6, so these next 2 weeks or so are my time to shine, to live, to breathe more life into a life that I already love.

Big hugs to all ❤



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